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Use the filter made by joining pacific urethane foam with refined activated carbon having a high absorbing performance.

Model Kingsom 493
Input Voltage 110VAC or 220VAC
Power 18W / 19W
Air Flow 1.1m³/h
Dimension L x W x H
101 x 167 x 182 mm
 Weight 1.5 Kg

Desktop type vertical or horizontal dual use.                          Remove soldering smoke and fumes quickly and safely.          Highly activated carbon material with strong absorbe            function.                                                                              Have LED light on the top of machine.                                  Black Color is ESD Safe Body.

Model ST-1016 ESD / ST-1016
Input Voltage 110VAC or 220VAC
Air Flow Vertical  1.0 m³/h
Air Flow Horizontal 2.6 m³/h
Dimension L x W x H 20cm * 18 cm * 15 cm
 Weight 1.0 Kg

DX-1001DX-1002DX-1002 (Round Hood)TF-300

Inlet Air Flange  φ75mmφ75mm * 2φ50mm
Inlet Air Tube Length1.4 meter1.4 meter0.8 meter
Input Voltage110VAC – 220VAC110VAC – 220VAC85VAC - 220VAC
Power80 Watt220 Watt35/60/80 Watt
DisplayDigital Display With Remote controlDigital Display With
Remote control
No Display
Air Flow 235 m³/h2 * 150 m³/h70/100/110 m³/h
Dimension L x W x H 420 x 245 x 400 mm
420 x 245 x 400 mm
300 x 270 x 300 mm
Weight12 Kg15 Kg4.5 Kg

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